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Colored temperature values in Web Gui depending on timestamp
I want to have a visible feedback in the Web Gui to see, if the shown temperature values (received via 433MHz) are up to date or not, e.g. broken RX connection / empty battery.
I think about temperature values in red, if the timestamp of last received data package is older than e.g. 15 minutes.
If the timestamp up to date (not older than 15 minutes) the temperature value should be shown in black text.
Unfortunately I don't know, if it is possible to get ths function by config or must the web gui be changed.
It would be very nice, if someone has an idea.
The webgui needs to be changed. If someone is willing to do so, i would be happy.
Have been looking for this functionality too, or some workaround.
Can't the battery indicator be used for both battery and up-to-date temp values? So when battery symbol is green, it means the battery is ok and the temperature value was received within the last 15 mins.
When battery symbol is red, it means that either the sending device reports battery empty, or the last message received from the device is longer than 15 mins ago. In either case you would have to check the sending device.

Not sure if there is a quick and dirty workaround possible. Was thinking of a cron job that sets the battery argument of all weather stations to 0 every hour, so it will be reset to 1 when the data from the remote weather station is received, but didn't get this working yet...
Tried pilight-control to set the battery to 0 for a weather station, but I guess I got the syntax wrong. Used the pilight docs page for pilight-control. You would say that this command should work: pilight-control -d Tempsens2 -v battery=0

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