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regex mask for protocol options not working
When testing the fixes I made for PR #400, I configured a generic_label device with an invalid option string value. The configuration type of that option is JSON_OPTIONAL and the vartype is JSON_STRING.

In the protocol I defined a mask for that option, but when I start pilight, no error message is given an pilight keeps running.

Having a quick look at devices.c I noticed that there are three places where the option mask is being checked, but one of them is only checking the mask for DEVICES_STATE and another one for DEVICES_ID.

The third one is in the function devices_valid_value(), which is actually checking the mask for DEVICES_VALUE and DEVICES_OPTIONAL, but that function seems to be called only from "pilight_control" and only works for strings.

So, imho the reason why the mask doesn't work is quite clear. But if necessary the behaviour can easily be reproduced by adding a regex mask to the color option of the generic_label protocol and then add a device with that protocol with a "color" string value that should not match with the regex.

I will now add a check for the validity of the option value to the protocol itself, but it would be nice if the option mask would work for DEVICES_VALUE and DEVICES_OPTIONAL too.
The question is if we want to keep the mask feature altogether. I was planning to drop it when moving to lua protocols.
OK, then the check I have put in the protocol will do the job.

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