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pilight & piSchedule works fine but no webgui
Hi, first sorry for my bad english.
On my Raspi 3B+ with the newest Raspian Stretch Lite works pilight & piSchedule works fine.
Since i reinstall stretch, pilight, pischedule (damaged SD-Card) the WebGUi and my Android-App dont work anymore. pilight & piSchedule works fine! 
I have all todos from the FAQ tested (iptables, static ip....) but the Webgui becames no connection. When i enter 192.1.x.x:5001 in the Browser i can see the heading "pilight webgui" and the rotating circle. The webgui became no connection. Before i must reinstall stretch all works fine.

What can i do?

Did you try a default installation?
(01-11-2019, 06:07 PM)curlymo Wrote: Did you try a default installation?

Hi curlymo,

what do you mean with "default installation"? here my settings in the config.json:

       "settings": {
               "log-level": 6,
               "pid-file": "/var/run/pilight.pid",
               "log-file": "/var/log/pilight.log",
               "webserver-enable": 1,
               "webgui-websockets": 0,
               "standalone": 0,
               "webserver-root": "/usr/local/share/pilight/webgui",
               "webserver-http-port": 5001,
               "webserver-cache": 0,
               "gpio-platform": "raspberrypi3"
       "hardware": {
               "433gpio": {
                       "sender": 0,
                       "receiver": 1
       "registry": {
               "pilight": {
                       "version": {
                               "current": "8.0.1"

pilight & piSchedule works fine, only the webgui dont work....
I have testet with cache/no cache, websockets yes/no, standalone yes/no....
Nothings help.

many greetings,
What pilight version. And what happens when you stop using piSchedule?
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(01-13-2019, 10:57 AM)Pcurlymo Wrote: What pilight version. And what happens when you stop using piSchedule?

Its Crazy, but after an Update from 8.0.1 to 8.1.4 the webgui works  again......
Before i had the Problems, all works fine with 8.0.1..... Unsure

Thank you for your help  Madness

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