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skipping overridden action switch

I'm using pilight for several years and recently updated from V7 to V8.1.4.
I read the manual and updated the the config to the new syntax.
Switching devices by gui works perfectly.

Unfortunately I can't figure out one thing:

This rule moves the switches in the gui but does not switch the actual lights:

"guteNachtWoziAusBadAnfuer8MinutenFlur2Minuten": {
"rule": "IF (WoZiLampe.state == off AND Wozistate.state == on)
         AND sunrise.sun == set
         THEN switch DEVICE Wozistate TO off
         AND switch DEVICE BadLampe TO on FOR '8 MINUTE'
         AND switch DEVICE FlurLampe
         AND GlasschrankLampe TO on FOR '2 MINUTE'",
 "active": 1

These errors are shown on the log:

[Jan 18 23:23:47:945863] pilight-daemon: ERROR: /usr/local/lib/pilight/actions/switch.lua:119: skipping overridden action switch for device FlurLampe
[Jan 18 23:23:47:947102] pilight-daemon: ERROR: /usr/local/lib/pilight/actions/switch.lua:119: skipping overridden action switch for device GlasschrankLampe
[Jan 18 23:29:28:437484] pilight-daemon: ERROR: /usr/local/lib/pilight/actions/switch.lua:119: skipping overridden action switch for device BadLampe

Can you give me a hint how to fix the rule?
With just this snippit of your config not. Can you post the full output?
I solved it.
Before I used a RPi1, now I'm using a RPi3. I think the new pi is too fast to switch multiple switches.
I just inserted a delay with "AFTER '500 MILLISECOND'" before the second and "AFTER '1000 MILLISECOND'" before the third switch and it worked.

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