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[Partially Supported] TFA / Conrad Weather
What about making this into a github pull-request?
(01-21-2019, 08:29 PM)curlymo Wrote: What about making this into a github pull-request?

Please no. I have looked at various pull requests, but have no idea how this works. I am not a programmer and my english is not good enough. Can anyone help and start a pull request? If any information is missing I will gladly deliver it.
You're not a programmer but did fix a protocol written in C and posted it on an english forum Surprised
Hello, I am not sure if this question fits here, but it is strongly connected to the discussed protocol :Smile
I am having trouble decyphering temperature and humidity from my weather station. It is supposed to use the TFA code. I do not use pilight but I have been able to extract the binary piece from the stream:
[ 1.,  1.,  1.,  0.,  0.,  0.,  0.,  1.,  1.,  0.,  0.,  0.,  0., 1.,  0.,  0.,  0.,  1.,  1.,  0.,  0.,  1.,  0.,  0.,  0.,  1.,
        0.,  1.,  0.,  1.,  1.,  0.,  0.,  1.,  0.,  0.,  0.,  0.,  0.,  1.]
My timing stream has a pattern like this: 6-pair header starting with [610 16000 ...], then 40 bits that can be translated to the binary array above. A list of timings for one signal can be found here: pastebin.com/J5CyHX3P

I tried the temperature/humidity conversion from the Wiki on TFA, starting at each digit, I tried reversing the temperature digits but I do not get any humidity or temperature that matches the displayed values of the weather station. I would REALLY appreciate any hint on what else I could try. Thanks!
I would start providing information garthered using pilight in a new topic following the topic rules.

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