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Consecutive pilight commands

in an older Openhab installation from ~2 years ago (not sure what pilight version was current at that time) I had a shell script that executed multiple pilight commands consecutively, and it had no issues to do so. The lights went on/off almost at the same time. 
With a fresh installation now and pilight 8.1.4, none of those consecutive commands is doing something (not even just the first or the last). Only if I separate them by at least a "sleep 0.2" they do their magic (sending a lengthy raw sequence). While this is not a problem within one script, I am curious whether this might lead to malfunctions if separate calls from different places in my home automation environment are called at the same time (e.g. Alexa "switch off all").

Or is there a "new way" of making such calls work properly in direct succession?

Regards, habitoti
No, the reason it worked before was the performance of pilight itself. It was too slow enough in parsing these commands. Due to the parsing speed of the current pilight version, commands are sent too fast causing 433.92Mhz interference. The only workaround at the moment is the small delay.
Hm, ok...

Would maybe be great if pilight would provide an -- optional/configurable -- global queue (per sender channel) in the future that would prevent sending something in shorter succession than configured. Even parallel requests from different callers would be strictly sequenced with an appropriate pause in between.

Regards, habitoti
Exactly that feature is being discussed in the MQTT PR on github Smile
Another preliminary „cheap“ option would be to make pilight optionally „slow“ again by having a parameter for an artificial delay/sleep amount. So I could ask pilight to not return before so-and-so many milliseconds have passed. This would probably be sufficient for the majority of cases in home automation usages.

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