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Send pulsestream via API
Bitte then it would be necessary to load 2 hardwaremodules at the Same time, the itgw433 and gpio or raspyrfm. Is this possible?
If it isn't we should make it possible. However, if you are going to develop one, let's make it in Lua immediatly.
Quote:If it isn't we should make it possible.

Can you do that?

My lua knowledge is at zero; is it easy to translate it when a runninig c version is available?
Lua is probably the most easy language there is around. Just check what i already did in it.
I have a working prototype in c:


It should not be difficult to implement also the other way around, i. e. using a hardware ITGW-433 as sender in pilight.

However I have the problem to read the hardware's settings from the config already in the
function. I have no idea how to read a value from here.
What do you want to achieve logically?
This hardwaremodule (and also the raspyrfm) can be different hwtypes depending if their configuration. E. g. hwtype for the raspyrfm will be RF433 when you configure the frequency to 433 MHz and RF868 when configuring to 868 MHz.
The itgw pilight module can be "server", which is the way of my prototype. But later it could be extended for "client" mode, which means controlling a real ITGW433. In "server" mode, the hwtype needs to be NONE or so, for "client" mode RF433.
When pilight starts it seems to check not having 2 hardware modules with the same hwtype, but this check is done before calling the HwInit of the module, but after the init function.
Sorry, bit hard to explain, hope it is reasonable.
I know, but don't try to fix it on your side. The new lua hardware logic doesn't have that limitation anymore.
On which branch could I try to implement and testrun a lua hardware module? Does this already work for staging?
The unittest can go into the latest master, a working staging implementation is due for tomorrow. At least if all goes as planned.

Do keep in mind that not all needed lua interfaces are done yet, but this is a good starting point for improving the existing interfaces and adding new ones.

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