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Remote with two crystals 10.000mhz and 7.3728
Hi, I am new here and looking for a little guidance.

I would like to use a Raspberrypi3 with AI to voice command the seven different remote functions. (One button is a reset button)

Using pilight and a Rpi3, I am able to receive signals from the remote with a cheap 433 MHz receiver, albeit with some noise.

The codes I get with pilight-receive seem to be either rolling or maybe the excessive noise is causing an unstable shift in the coding; however it does seem to have a pattern to the number shifting.

I can get consistent coding from my wireless temp sensor, a smoke detector and someone's light switches that may not be in my house. Honestly this is somewhat outside of my normal wheel house.

I saw where it was mentioned in another post about hard wiring the remote contact pads to the pi and that is a backup plan.

Has anyone emulated a remote like this, or can point me in the right direction?

Does anyone have thoughts on why the two crystals?

Any comments are very much appreciated and welcome, Thanks so very much.    

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