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Using pilight-daemon socket API
Heyho community,

i wanted to trigger a "pillight-send" through the pilight-daemon socket, but unfortunetly it does not work.
I read the documentation under /development/socket and tried it like in the actions part described.
Not succeeding i ran the deamon in debug mode an watched the traffic on the choosen port. i compared the json i send with the json which arrived when calling "pilight-send". Because it was different, i adapt the json format from the succeding pilight command.
Now i am at the point where both, the json of pilight-send and my equal to that json from my python script arrive at the port, to which the deamon listens.
But still the lights don't change with my python json.
Can anybody tell me what is going wrong? Am i using the API in a wrong way? Or how to use it instead?

Thank you for reading,
Have you checked the pilight-send source to compare the implementations?
(04-28-2019, 08:15 PM)curlymo Wrote: Have you checked the pilight-send source to compare the implementations?

No not yet, thats a good point! IThank you, i will do it and will let you know!
Ok, so i compared my code to the examples of python clients in the source-code. The example just refer to the case, where they want the daemon to identify.
So im still not sure, whats the format for a "send" action. Like described in the docs or eqal to what arrived when using pilight-send? No idea.. Maybe some experiences might help?
You compared to the python examples, i meant comparing to the C code of pilight-send.

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