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Speicherzugriffsfehler / translation: segfault(?)

I am not shure, when it started, but actually I receive Speicherzugriffsfehler / translation: segfault(?)
when calling "pilight-send"

pi@picam-204:/etc/pilight $ sudo pilight-send
pi@picam-204:/etc/pilight $ pilight-send


HW is:
PI3, and complete modul from pilight shop
SW is: 
pilight (8.1.4-63-ga624dcc9) wird eingerichtet ...

Any idea?

Brgds, mopedfahrer
I have no issue:
root@xbian ~ # pilight-send
Usage: pilight-send -p protocol [options]
         -H  --help                     display this message
         -V  --version                  display version
         -p  --protocol=protocol        the protocol that you want to control
         -S  --server=x.x.x.x           connect to server address
         -P  --port=xxxx                connect to server port
         -C  --config                   config file
         -U  --uuid=xxx-xx-xx-xx-xxxxxx UUID

I would revert to the latest stable if i where you.

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