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Brennenstuhl RCR CE1 1011 with QUIGG GT9000 Protocol

could somebody please explain me how i get the quigg gt9000 protocol to work?

When I receive signals (pilight receive) I get always the same protocol (quigg gt900) but different IDs and unit

1st press: "Id": 986948", unit: 10
2nd press: "id" 853030", unit 0
3rd press: "id" 852457", unit  0

and so one...

None of the combinations Ids/unitcodes ist working when I try them in the config.json

How can I configure that?

Best regards,

Problem solved :-)

Brennenstuhl RCR CE1 1011 is NOT QUIGG_GT9000 Protocol but QUIGG_GT1000 Protocol!!

Just use the GT1000 protocol and let the device learn the code: Works fine


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