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Starting pilight on boot: "cannot bind to the SSDP multicast network"
Hi, long time no see!

Currently trying to get pilight working on Debian Buster, but am running into issues with starting pilight on boot.
/var/log/pilight.log shows the following messages at each boot:

(/home/pilight/source/daemon-dev/daemon.c #3082) [Aug 31 12:09:23:655388] INFO: version v8.1.5
(/home/pilight/source/daemon-dev/daemon.c #3151) [Aug 31 12:09:23:764054] INFO: no pilight daemon found, daemonizing
(/home/pilight/source/daemon-dev/libs/pilight/core/socket.c #168) [Aug 31 12:09:23:791098] INFO: daemon listening to port: 5000
(/home/pilight/source/daemon-dev/libs/pilight/core/ssdp.c #119) [Aug 31 12:09:23:791324] ERROR: cannot bind to the ssdp multicast network
(/home/pilight/source/daemon-dev/libs/pilight/core/ssdp.c #302) [Aug 31 12:09:23:800321] ERROR: could not determine default network interface
(/home/pilight/source/daemon-dev/libs/pilight/core/socket.c #577) [Aug 31 12:09:23:801049] INFO: new client, ip:, port: 53048
(/home/pilight/source/daemon-dev/libs/pilight/core/webserver.c #1889) [Aug 31 12:09:23:820631] INFO: secured webserver started on port: 5002 (fd 18) 

Starting pilight manually after bootup works as expected, this specific node is supposed to clientize to a daemon running elsewhere on the network. But the SSDP discovery during bootup fails.

I've tried a bunch of things that worked when this issue occurred often a few years back, including
  • Checking the allowed runlevel and start-requires in the /etc/init.d/pilight file
  • Adding a sleep 5 to /etc/init.d/pilight
  • Adding lo network config in /etc/network/interfaces
  • Setting "wait for network during boot" to true in the raspi-config tool.
So now I'm out of ideas what to try.


Buster 4.19.66-v7+ #1253 SMP Thu Aug 15 11:49:46 BST 2019 armv7l GNU/Linux

on a raspi 2 (no ipv6 allowed).
Only thing i can think of is letting pilight wait until all network devices are up before trying to use SSDP. I not running buster myself, so also not having any issues.
How would one go about doing that? It's what I've tried to accomplish, both by letting the init.d script sleep, and by checking that network is listed in the start-requires line, but neither of those solutions seem to work.
I meant something inside the pilight codebase that does that. Problem with the whole systemd is that everything has become anoyingly more complex in regard to boot and init.

I'm using a q'n dirty workaround:

root's crontab:
@reboot /home/pi/start_pilight_delay 20

script start_pilight_delay:

sleep $1
sudo /etc/init.d/pilight restart

maybe not fancy... but works.


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