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pilight-control modify values
I want to use the pilight-control program to change values on weather stations. The pilight manual says I should be able to modify values of a device:

Quote:pilight-control is a tool to control a device configured in a pilight daemon configuration. It supports switching the state and/or modifying other values (such as dimlevel, temperature, or humidity) of the device.

When I run
pilight-control -d Tempsens2 -v temperature=20
I would expect the temperature value of my weather station named Tempsens2 to be set to 20, but I get this error message as if I used the pilight-control program incorrectly:
Usage: pilight-control -d device -s state

When checking in the source code I see that the command line option "state" is mandatory, but a weather station does not have a state I can set:

if(device == NULL || state == NULL ||
       strlen(device) == 0 || strlen(state) == 0) {
        printf("Usage: %s -d device -s state\n", progname);
        goto close;

How is this "modifying other values" supposed to work? Or did I just find a bug?
Does it work when you remove that check in the source?
(09-17-2019, 09:01 PM)curlymo Wrote: Does it work when you remove that check in the source?

Don't know. Would have to look into compiling this binary first....

I can test it if someone can send me the binary.

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