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433MHz PIR sensor from Amazon
JCHENG SECURITY / JC PIR sensor: amazon.de/gp/product/B07BSY6JP3/

It has an on-off switch on the back and the housing needs to be removed to insert the two AAA batteries. Inside it has 4 jumpers for the channel and another 2 with an unknown purpose. It gives you 30s arm time after turning the unit on in order to clear the area.

it uses the chip HS2241PT, compatible with HS1527 and HS2240. pilight has a EV1527 decoder, but it is not set to a 400us pulse, instead to a 330us one. Each pulse on my unit is 400us
Example output:
Preamble is a short pulse followed by a pause of 12.68ms (sync)
Without preamble, it has 97 raw bits encoded as 1110 or 0001. Last bit is just a short pulse, followed by 12.74ms until next repeat. It could also be a 1000 bit folowed by sync pause.
Repeats 26 times.
Decoding a message, with the above, in hex, yields: F3E2Ax0 where X is the channel. The channel is 4 bits (0-A or 0-15). Since this can also be used as a 4-button remote, it could signal which button is pressed. In the PIR sensor this is however encoded with 4 jumpers.
Decoded in binary it is 25 bits, bits 21-24 are the channel (1-based).
The datasheet shows bits 0-19 as C (code?) and 20-23 as D (data?): 

As it seems, there is no 'pressed'/'released' status that could be sent from this unit. The J3/J4 jumpers seem to change the code behavior a bit, as with J3 set to zero it seems to send one code on detection and another one after 2.75s (motion stopped?).

Proposed detection algorithm: wait for 97 raw bits, minpulselen to 12000. Raw bit length is 400us (+-10%). Last raw bit should be a one, discard before decoding. decode the sequence as 1110=1 and 1000=0. Bits 0-19 represent the ID, bits 20-23 the jumper setting.

The ID might be one-time programmable, according to the datasheet.

If anyone needs URC data or additional testing I can provide more information. I don't know if this protocol is already implemented - as something similar - under the pilight but the unit is not being detected. I remember being able to detect it with RTL433.

rtl_433 shows this, repeatedly:

time : 2019-09-30 01:03:09
model : Generic Remote House Code: 62434
Command : 166 Tri-State : 11011X0XXXZX

It also shows this, at startup and once during detection:
time : 2019-09-30 01:03:00
model : Smoke detector GS 558 id : 10814
unit : 15 learn : 0 Raw Code : 6547cf

My unit was set to code 6, so it seems incorrect.

It seems that the unit sends the same code on startup (f3e2a60 in my case), on motion detection and after the motion has stopped.

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