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Option to invert up/down
Hello, i'm using pilight to controll my window louvers with my raspberry pi 3B+.
I'm using the kaku_screen_old protocol and it basicly works very well.
However, if i'm clicking the "up"-Button in the pilight APP the louver goes down. On "down", the louver goes up.

Is there any way of inverting this either in the pilight app or in the pilight config?

Thank you!
Not at the moment. You could use a generic_switch that triggers the kaku_screen_old in an inverted way through a clever rule.
Thank you for the quick answer.
Your idea with a second generic screen is nice.
        "invert_screen_1": {
            "rule": "IF invert_1.state == up THEN switch DEVICE screen_1 TO down ELSE switch DEVICE screen_1 TO up",
            "active": 1
But i found that it has a big flaw: you can't send the same state two times as it does not trigger the rule twice for the same state.

So my problem now is that if the "screen" is in the proccess of going down, i can send "up" once to stop it.
I now have to send "up"  a second time to have it actually go up, but that's not working using rules.

Maybe this is easier to understand:
- I click on "down" -> rule triggers, screen goes down
- I click on up while it's going down -> rule triggers, screen stops
- I click up again -> it does nothing because the rule does not trigger 2 time for the same state

Any ideas on how to "fix" that?
No, this 'issue' is something i have on my list for fixing for a long time.

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