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Rule triggers twice
Hello pilight forum  Smile

I created a rule that toggles a lamp every time i enable a generic switch.
The rule also sets the generic switch to off everytime it is triggered.

That was working for over 3 month now, but since i made some changes in the config (that have nothing to do with this rule) it's behaving really wierd.
Now if i set the genereic switch to on, the lamp goes on and shortly after off again. It's like the rule gets triggered twice.

The rule:
IF toggle_table_lamp.state == on THEN
  IF table_lamp.state == on THEN
    switch DEVICE toggle_table_lamp TO off AND switch DEVICE table_lamp TO off
  ELSE IF table_lamp.state == off THEN
    switch DEVICE toggle_table_lamp TO off AND switch DEVICE table_lamp TO on

It was working before with the exact same rule.

// Edit
Ok i noticed that the rule is working for 2-3 times if i restart the pilight service. Then if i toggle the generic switch 2-3 times it again stops working and triggers twice.

Using pilight-daemon version v8.1.5 on raspbian buster.
Can you tell me what you're actually trying to achieve?
I want to toggle the lamp using the rest api without knowing the lamps current state. So i can just trigger a rule that does the on/off for me.
And this doesn't work?
IF toggle_table_lamp.state == on OR toggle_table_lamp.state == off THEN
  toggle DEVICE table_lamp BETWEEN on AND off
No, then i have the problem that a rule doesn't trigger twice for the same state.
That means i can't toggle it on and off by enabling the generic switch.
(12-03-2019, 10:51 PM)curlymo Wrote: Why?

I once had another issue where you said that a rule can't be triggered twice for the same state:
Why don't you just call the API twice? One for on and one for off. Either one will trigger the rule.
Yeah that should work, but it also can't be the best solution to send 2 requests.
But i can't think about a better solution, i will just use this one for now.

The best solution IMHO would be able to trigger a specific rule from the API.

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