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[Solved] Strange receive problem with 433Mhz Receiver and pilight 8.1.5
Hi, after update to 8.1.5 for my new RPI4 I had very bad reception with my RX6B. It spent hours for testing because I thought the problem is the new RPI4 or the receiver itself.
- I bought a new receiver
- Changed the cable
Reception was still bad

Then I found out, if i send an on signal with my sender on the same RPI to my quigg gt-1000 switch, the reception getting worse. But if I send a signal to my pollin switches reception is much better !??
What's going on ?
So I downgraded only pilight to 8.1.4, now I receive the signals of my sensors as perfect as before with my old RPI3.

So I think, there is a problem with pilight 8.1.5. Maybe the hardware port to lua ?

If I can help with logfiles or other tests let me know. For me V8.1.5 is not usable.

Best regards
Did you check if the latest nightly improves it?
Thank you for your reply. I will give it a try today.
so i have installed the new nightly 8.1.5-65-gc0e1cbcc_armhf over 8.1.4.
Sadly nothing changed. Very bad reception.

Running pilight-daemon -D shows the trace very slow and sometimes hanging for 1-2 sec. If I switch on or off my pollin switch, the trace in the console is faster without dropouts and reception is much better. Maybe it  helps.

Edit: It is not necessary to have the transmitter connected for this test.
What device are you using pilight on and are you using a filter?
I have following hardware:

- Raspberry Pi 4 with Raspbian buster
- Receiver: RX6B
- Transmitter: the cheap one, i don't know exactly
- Switches gt-1000 and pollin
It works great with pilight 1.8.4. I use it for heating my greenhouse in winter and run some fans in dependence of temperature. In summertime I control my pool pump with it. pilight is really great.

I think, the interrupts are the problem. When the reception is "hanging" for ms not all signals are recognized in the time window. But it's only a guess of mine.

You can reproduce it very simple: Configure a switch with gt-1000 and another switch with pollin protocol. Run pilight-daemon -D and switch first gt-1000 to on (eg. in webif), then you can see in terminal, that the output is stuttering. Next switch pollin switch to on and the console output is running fast without gap. You don't need hardware receiver or transmitter.

Edit: I use no filter, because it works great with 1.8.4
Can you post an example config to be sure i'm running the config you describe?
This is my config without webserver-authentication in the attachment

Attached Files
.zip   config.zip (Size: 1.4 KB / Downloads: 5)
You said you don't need hardware connected, but you need it configured?
Yes, it must be configured but not necessary to physically connect. I have changed the gpios because I thought the problem has to do with the gpio ports on the RPI. My last idea was downgrade pilight because it is not very plausible that bad reception could be a software problem. If you can't reproduce I could capture my screen that you can see what happens.

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