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pilight cpu usage possibly associated with noticeable sluggishness?

I use pilight in conjunction with homebridge to be able to control some Etekcity RF outlets via Siri.  I use the pilight-send command with raw codes to send signals to those outlets since there is no Etekcity "plugin".  I don't really use the receiver except in pilight-debug to record the codes of various remotes.  I maintain outlet state outside of pilight using a script that executes the send commands.

My overall problem is that often, I have to issue commands twice because Siri complains that my device isn't responding and I frequently see the "No response" state on all devices in the home app.  With this in mind, I think that my expereince of the following might be a clue as to the cause of these things...

I logged into my pi yesterday to edit a config file and noticed significant slowness when just trying to move the cursor around in vi.  I exited and checked `top` and I noted that `pilight-daemon` took up to 50% cpu.  It hovered anywhere between 25-50%, but never went lower than that.  The second item in `top` was `top`, using at most, 11%.  I checked the cpu temp and it was fine - no warnings.

I also noted during that slowness that I had to issue commands to Siri twice and the "No response" message in the home app was showing up and going away intermittently.

I don't know if the cpu usage of pilight was the reason for the noticeable slowness, but I did some reading and inferred that this usage may be due to the processing of signals being received.  Whether or not that's the case, I wondered whether there was something I could do to reduce the cpu load of pilight.

I found a mention of using a filter, but I couldn't find anything in the documentation on how to implement filtering.  I saw something else suggesting it might be a physical filter?  I also very briefly looked into the possibility of disabling the receiver in pilight before getting distracted with other items in my to-do list.

1. Is my understanding of the cause of the cpu usage correct?
2. If so, can I or how do I disable the receiver - and will that reduce the cpu load?
Check the manual regarding your question regarding the disabling of pins:
(01-27-2020, 09:07 PM)curlymo Wrote: Check the manual regarding your question regarding the disabling of pins:

I see that I can disable the receive pin by setting it to -1 according to the doc you indicated (thanks!), but does that disable it for pilight-debug as well?  Or will I still be able to operate as I described (only using receive to determine codes by stopping the daemon and running pilight-debug).

If disabling the pin as you suggested disables it for the daemon and for pilight-debug, is there a setting somewhere that would disable it only for the daemon and still have it work when I run pilight-debug?

If not, I suppose I could wrap pilight-debug in a script that changes that setting after stopping pilight...  Otherwise, I know I'll forget and when I get a new device, I'll spin my wheels trying to figure out why I can't detect the remote...  My memory is not that great for that sort of infrequent need.
It disables it for both, but you can use another config for pilight-debug
(01-28-2020, 06:20 AM)curlymo Wrote: It disables it for both, but you can use another config for pilight-debug

Ah-ha!  Yes.  Good idea.  I could create an alias for pilight-debug that adds the --config option.  Thanks!

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