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433nano stops receiving with FHEM
Hi, I have installed the latest nightly version "8.1.5-108-g45c64b39" on my raspberrypi1b1 and it seems pilight is receiving without problems. But then I found another issue. I'm using pilight with FHEM and with the stable version of 8.1.5 i'm able to control my switchs out of FHEM. Since I installed the nightly version, FHEM can only read the actual states from pilight but is not able to send. If i try to switch a plug out of FHEM nothing happens, but if i do this in the pilight web interface everything is fine. The switch is turned on and pilight and also FHEM shows an active switch. I have also tried to downgrade to an earlier nightly version but this problem seems to be older than 8.1.5-59 which is the earliest nightly version i can get from the repo. Switching back to the stable branch brings back the FHEM switching functionality but then the 433nano stops receiving data from my weather station after a while.

I hope you can help me with this issue.
Best regards
If pilight on it's own works fine, i can't do much about it.

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