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Received state not updated in webgui, but working in illumina
a few weeks back I switched to pilight v8. At first everything worked like a charm, but lately received signals are not updated within the webgui and rules based on this reception are not executed anymore.
The strange thing about it, the state is updated in the illumina-App without any problem.

I tried it with the latest working nightly (8.1.5-157-gee723126) and the stable version (8.1.5). Both gave me the same result: illumina shows the state switch, the webgui does not and rules based on the reception are not executed.

I used pilight-receive and saw the correct reception and running the daemon in debug modes shows me the reception as well.

Does anybody have an idea, how to find the root of this problem?

Kind regards
Do you know how to access to debug environment of your browser?
(11-08-2020, 09:40 PM)curlymo Wrote: Do you know how to access to debug environment of your browser?

No, but if it would be only a browser problem, my defined rules should be executed, what is also not happening.

I used a different browser with the same result.

EDIT: the rules were not executed because I made an error during the adaption from verison 7 to 8.

Do I need to change my browser settings to update the webgui?

Switches in the webgui, which are controlled via a rule are immediately updated in the webgui. Device states, which are shown in the webgui, and changed via reception of a signal are only updated in the webgui, if the webgui is reloaded by the user.

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