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pilight in Docker not accepting connections due to possible SYN flooding
Hi everyone,

I'm trying to run pilight within Docker, with no luck. I tried using this Dockerfile:

Which is a simpe fork from

I also followed the regular installation manual in a fresh debian stretch container:

pilight starts in the container, it can also receive 433MHz signals correctly.

However, the webserver and websocket server are not reachable. 

Not even from within the container, as a simple wget fails to retrieve any webpage:
root@8aaffc6a2a42:/# wget localhost:5001
--2021-01-31 20:14:48--  http://localhost:5001/
Resolving localhost (localhost)..., ::1
Connecting to localhost (localhost)||:5001... ^C

The error I am getting is

root@8aaffc6a2a42:/# dmesg |tail
[605779.647611] device vethacf2e25 left promiscuous mode
[605779.647615] docker0: port 3(vethacf2e25) entered disabled state
[605814.519146] docker0: port 3(veth1d981e4) entered blocking state
[605814.519149] docker0: port 3(veth1d981e4) entered disabled state
[605814.519420] device veth1d981e4 entered promiscuous mode
[605814.786424] eth0: renamed from veth56b2e25
[605814.799927] IPv6: ADDRCONF(NETDEV_CHANGE): veth1d981e4: link becomes ready
[605814.799978] docker0: port 3(veth1d981e4) entered blocking state
[605814.799980] docker0: port 3(veth1d981e4) entered forwarding state
[606045.066603] TCP: request_sock_TCP: Possible SYN flooding on port 5001. Dropping request.  Check SNMP counters.

I have no idea, why this fails. 

The following page suggests, this ia problem with TCP connection backlogs:

But I cannot set any sysctl variables as suggested in the solutions.
root@8aaffc6a2a42:/# apt-get install -y procps
root@8aaffc6a2a42:/# sysctl net.core.somaxconn
net.core.somaxconn = 128
root@8aaffc6a2a42:/# sysctl -w net.core.somaxconn=512
sysctl: setting key "net.core.somaxconn": Read-only file system

Also, I believe it would probably not have any effect, because pilight listens to the socket with zero backlog from this line of code:

Does anyone have pilight running in docker with its server being availale to the outside world? What am I missing?

Thanks for your help!
I don't know. Would be great if someone can shed a light on this Smile
I thought, I'd give it a try and tamper with the source code. Successfully!

So, I installed the manually compiled version in a fresh debianConfusedtretch container. That worked flawlessly, except I needed to touch the pilight.pem file.

However, a wget localhost:5001 still hang and gave the same error as described above.

So, I changed the line mentioned above (https://github.com/pilight/pilight/blob/...er.c#L1962) to a backlog > 0,
if((listen(sockfd, 1)) < 0) {

recompiled, restarted, and, voila, wget gets the index.html and there is no error anymore in the dmesg logs!

I figure, the error itself is somehow related to the combination of
  • my libreelec base system and its hardware
  • the docker image
  • network stack configuration
  • pilight not defining a tcp backlog.
The sum of it maybe leads to the server not responding fast enough, such that the tcp connection times out.

Simply using a small buffer/backlog on the pilight side seems to fix that.

I'll try if this fix also works for the actual websocket server and report back. I expect this fix to work there, too.

If it does work, I'll PR the change on github, unless you have reason this backlog setting in the listen call should remain to be 0?
I created the PR to further discuss there: https://github.com/pilight/pilight/pull/463

The issue with the websocket connection was simply due to me not providing a port setting. So, a random port was chosen and connecting to 5000 was bound to fail.

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