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Hardware Switch and pilight-send/-control

i have a problem to control devices via hardware switches AND pilight-send or pilight-control:

If i send ca command with pilight (either pilight-send or -control) to a light-bulb, it works. I can switch to ON. But if i do so, i can't switch it to OFF with my hardware switch after.

If i only use the switch, i can control the bulb  to on/off as expected.

This is my configuration for pilight (stripped down):

"devices": {
       "Power1": {
           "protocol": [ "quigg_gt1000" ],
           "id": [{
               "id": 1,
               "unit": 0
           "state": "off"
        "Switch1": {
            "protocol": [ "kaku_switch" ],
            "id": [{
                "id": 3867648,
                "unit": 1
            "state": "on"
    "rules": {
        "Switch1Power1": {
            "rule": "IF Switch1.state == on THEN switch DEVICE Power1 TO on ELSE switch DEVICE Power1 TO off",
            "active": 1
So if you switch a bulb to ON with pilight, you can't switch it of to OFF with a hardware remote?
(02-06-2021, 04:03 PM)curlymo Wrote: So if you switch a bulb to ON with pilight, you can't switch it of to OFF with a hardware remote?

Yes... i switch to ON with pilight-send and can't switch to OFF with the hardware switch. I have to switch it to ON again with the hardware to be able to switch to OFF with the hardware.
Found my own workaround:

Instead of using pilight‘s rules, i build my own „daemon“ based on discover.py to switch the power either by pilight-control or physical hardware.

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