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mysql integration for configuration
I hope this is the right place in the forum. as asked i quote my suggestion/feature request in here:
After using pilight now for a while at home (still struggeling with a door sensor though) i am about to introduce pilight to my laboratory. Basically i will be controlling a few laboratory devices (on/off) as well as a few door sensors (open/closed) as well as at least 4 temp/humidity sensors.

This is, basically, not a problem at all but i would like to ask for a core feature to be added. I would love to see pilight to log its own data.
Of course i would be able to branch pilight and add logging capability myself but this would take too much time and break future updates for me... the "most simple" solution - to me - would be CSV )with semikolon as delimiter for JSON compatibility) logging:

timestamp; protocol, device as json node {}

my suggestion would be to add new options to the devices section of the configuration file:
- log-enabled = true/false
- log-interval = time in seconds / -1 to disable
- log-onChange = true/false

as well as new options to the general options:
- log-path = "/path/to/file"

Adding this would be most awesome and would really make my future life easier (no more running after people to make them turn off stuff, logging temp/humidity by hand...)
Thanks in advance, i hope you will consider this Smile

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