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Oregon Protocol V2.1: THGR122NX
Is there a possibility to receive data from Oregon THGR122NX sensor ?
Can you post a pilight-debug output for this sensor?

@Bram1337, a description of the protocol can be found here: http://wmrx00.sourceforge.net/Arduino/Or...tocols.pdf
Mmmm, okay,

I search how to do that Smile

I have found the command "sudo ~/pilight/pilight-debug".
I do that after work Smile
Seems it is using Manchester just like Cresta. I will work on that another time as I have the sensor already but still have to make more adjustments to daemon.c than expected.
@Bram1337, can you open a topic on the Manchester specifics that currently aren't supported so i can think with you.

like this thread: http://www.pilight.org/showthread.php?tid=339
I've nothing with pilight-debug.
My sensor seems to be the same.
If I or someone gets Cresta to work we will most likely also get this one to work.

@CurlyMo I will open a new thread to build support for manchester encoding when I know a bit more about it.
Through the following links RF transmission protocols descriptions can be found:
Oregon scientific:
Detailed description of V1, V2, V3 protocols:


Decoding of the V2 protocol links to jeenode/arduino/atmel code:

Still, i first need a pilight-debug or raw output.
Hi all,

I've found this project: http://www.disk91.com/2013/technology/ha...pberry-pi/

And I got to reproduce it, compile and it works.

Maybe this can help you.

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