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Oregon Protocol V2.1: THGR122NX

I've got a BAR800 weather station delivered with a RTGN318 weather sensor (temperature+humidity).
On my computer, I am able to receive sensor decoded data with RFLink as it supports it natively. However, I am only able to receive raw data with pilight.

However, I can see (see attachement) that my weather station is also able to read data from other compatible sensor, some of them being supported by pilight (THGR122NX - THN132N - THGN132N - RTGN129).

Do you think it would be possible to adapt pilight to support my sensor? I'm new here and I'm wondering if it's worth it learning pilight and how to adapt it.


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Maybe it would be good to have a sticky thread at the top of this forum that contains a well-crafted blurb on proper evangelism protocol. It should also contain links to the pages where the protocol is fully defined. By sticky I mean the kind that stays at the top.

Maybe this is or isnt appropriate. Any thoughts?

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