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Oregon Protocol V2.1: THGR122NX
I am also trying to connect my Oregon temperature sensor to pilight.
At the moment I am receiving nothin with a debug, learn or receive.

I have the newest LPF and the sensor is located next to my PI.

How did you gues manage to receive anything from the sensor?
If there is anything that i can do to help, let me know.
Can you post some pilight-raw output on pastebin when the weather station is sending?

6 raw lectures from a Oregon Scientific THGR122N sensor.

oc_thgr122n_001.raw - Channel 1 - 24,8ºC - 46% - Battery ok
oc_thgr122n_002.raw - Channel 1 - 25ºC - 46% - Battery ok
oc_thgr122n_003.raw - Channel 1 - 25,1ºC - 46% - Battery ok
oc_thgr122n_004.raw - Channel 2 - 24,3ºC - 47% - Battery ok
oc_thgr122n_005.raw - Channel 2 - 24,4ºC - 47% - Battery ok
oc_thgr122n_006.raw - Channel 2 - 24,6ºC - 47% - Battery ok

Cpp program to decode Oregon Scientific:

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.zip   oregon_scientific.zip (Size: 9.97 KB / Downloads: 18)
Can you make the OregonPi into a pilight protocol?

Are you sure you saved the Oregon codes and not the pilight-firmware ones?
that would be very nice!
Ok! I'll try to do that!

Is there already a working solution for oregon sensors in pilight?

oregonpi works, but it should be better to have it integrated into plight
Can someone post some pilight-debug info as described in the protocol sticky? Or @1000io, can you give a description on how the codes is translated into actual values so i can create the protocol?

i've an Oregon THGR328N.The Protocol is the same, with the only difference in decoding the channel.

Here you can find a description of the protocol:

pilight-debug don't show anything, so I attach the raw log and the decoded values from OregonPi

Best regards


Attached Files
.zip   oregon_THGR328n.txt.zip (Size: 1.73 KB / Downloads: 8)
Hello guys!

I've just noticed, that there is already a thread about Oregon sensors, and i thought i can help you to implement this into pilight!

I have attached the files from @1000io but without all that unused stuff besides Oregon. That means you'll just find code related to Oregon. (i hope that's OK for @1000io?!)

Then i've added some log-output to have the same result as pilight-raw. I own two XD-RF-5V and i've configured RPI to record on both in parallel --> pilight-raw and "test". The problem is, you'll not find the same result, since the receivers are not 100% the same :-(
Additionally i've attached a wav file, to see the raw signal!

Since my coding skills are not that good, i guess i need a lot of help to implement this into pilight. Maybe someone can give me an example code where i can start with, then it might be possible for me to do some experiments :-)

i hope this helps?!



pilight-debug is not working with Oregon sensors :-(

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.zip   pilight_try_THGR122N.zip (Size: 77.14 KB / Downloads: 13)

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