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humble pi shield

I've a tip for people who wants to make a circuitboard for pilight. I've used the "humble pi" shield. I added the low passfilter and the senders/reciever on it. I also added a one-wire temperature sensor on it. And there is space for more. Smile

[Image: IMG_2011.png]

more info about humble pi can be found here: http://shop.ciseco.co.uk/k001-humble-pi/

If there are other good shields let me know. I need to make one more Smile
Great Martin!
Was just looking for something like that!
Found it here in the Netherlands.
nice indeed
wil order 1
Today I've build my own shield with LPF and with the objective to have it fit into my Pi-case and having the sender/receiver outside the case, this is the result:

[Image: 2015-01-08_205125.th.jpg] [Image: 2015-01-08_205153.th.jpg]
[Image: 2015-01-08_205306.th.jpg]

I used the gap (for the camara header) in the case to have a breakout to connect the sender and receiver.

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