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Add devices via the web GUI
It would be nice if pilight have some like that:

- http://pihome.harkemedia.de/
- https://github.com/cerosx/pihome-GUI

there is possible to add devices via the web GUI, (not via the config file).
Also looks the pihome GUI much better.
Is that possible to migrate both projects?
I've already asked him if he would like to join:

Also, be aware that there are currently users building a Android, iPhone and Windows Phone GUI, but these are all community based projects so no deadlines are given.

User @Wous offered to expand some very basic code i had for web GUI configuring: http://www.pilight.org/Thread-Web-gui?pid=1473#pid1473

I you would like to help in some way, please tell me.
I figured you would like that. By the way suggesting andi drive around flint at night and look for action is one of the dumber posts you have concocted.

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