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[Android] AndPiLi
Did you check my socket class in my version of the app?
Sure I did.

[COLOR="Orange"]Taptalked u see .. əəs n pəʞlɐʇdɐʇ[/COLOR]
Wierd, because that was one of the functionality that wasn't buggy Wink
I try the program but after i set the ipadres its says AndPiLi stops working.

I run a HTC Sensation with custom rom
@Tedvdb, i saw you referring to pilight as pilight in the app description, can you change it into the correct pilight?
I did try 3 different roms on my sensation but if it try to connect from AndPiLi to my raspberry pi, the program closed directly and says its stops working.

Someone with the same experiance ?
Yes, same experience.
@curlymo I've fixed the description.

@curlymo & @dzjaivnt:
Does it asks you to send an error report after crashing? If it asks you, please send it in, so I can analyze what the problem is. On my Android 2.3.7 device it is working flawlessly.

Alternatively, could the both of you post your config here, there probably a problem in parsing your config.
AndPiLi developer
How do you parse the config? Can you show the code maybe I can help with that. Cheers! Smile
Are you trying to convince him (again) to publish his code Wink

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