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[Android] AndPiLi
Wow, I see that the last message in this thread was posted quite some time ago... Is there another thread about AndPiLi?

My wife and I use AndPiLi every day, so thank you @Tedvdb !

Most of the things work very well for me, but there's one thing that I'd like to see solved:
1) I use AndPiLi on my smartphone to turn off a dimmable light, the light turns off, pilight (correctly) thinks the light is off, the button AndPiLi now (correctly) shows "OFF"
2) I use the physical switch on the wall to turn the dimmable light on, the light turns on, pilight still (incorrectly) thinks the light is on, AndPiLi still (incorrectly) shows "OFF"
3) I want to turn the light off, but the AndPiLi button still says "OFF", so I push it once to change it to "ON" (***) and then I push the button again to change it to "OFF". The light turns off.

Note that at point ***, pilight actually sends an ON signal to the light. If you send that signal to a KAKU AWMD-250 (many other dimmable devices from KAKU behave the same), it will start cycling through the dimlevels. This is unwanted behavior.
I think, but I don't know of any good documentation on this, that the light will NOT cycle through the dimlevels if you send an ON signal WITH dimlevel (just like AndPiLi does when you push the slider).
I don't see this (unwanted) cycling behavior when I use the slider to keep the light on and after that push the ON button to turn it off.

Could this be solved?

Thank you!

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