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[Android] AndPiLi
8. Check
14. Check

Did you also implement ssdp discovery?
Ssdp is not yet implemented. I'll try to get it implemented in the next release.
AndPiLi developer
(12-30-2013, 06:00 PM)Tedvdb Wrote: Ssdp is not yet implemented. I'll try to get it implemented in the next release.

If you want I can help you with that. In the luminiius thread there is a ready to go class for that.

Taptalked u see .. əəs n pəʞlɐʇdɐʇ
I've been working on implementing screens and Ssdp. Small teaser in the attachment.

Now I'm on holiday in Austria, so don't expect another update this week ;-)

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AndPiLi developer
Small typo Smile

Whish --> Wish
Hi Ted,

First of all i want to complement you with the App.

What i noticed is that, once opened, the App does not update the actual pilight status. So if anyone else uses anything to switch a light you wouldn't notice untill you restart the App.

Best regards,

@curlymo Ah, thanks :-)

@aaafred Thanks for the compliment Smile please leave a play store review if you like it! I've implemented updating of AndPiLi buttons in the latest beta version. You can manually install my latest apk file, or join the beta testers (see first post).

I didn't want to release this new version in the store that close to my holidays without proper testing.

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AndPiLi developer
Quote:I didn't want to release this new version in the store that close to my holidays without proper testing.
I didn't experience anymore bugs so far (besides the open ones).

Hi Ted, I hate to tell you. The App isn't always updating (or not updating fast enough). When i turn a device off in the web gui, and the android device gets no update, then the switch in the webgui returns to the original position... :-(

Found another thing today. Have one switch with the readonly setting. Can't operatie it in the pilight webgui. Still I can manage to operate it in your App.

Hope you can fix this...

Best Regards,

Raspberry Pi (B) Rev.2 512 Mb / Sandisk 16 Gb
Thanks aaafred, I think I fixed your issues.

No SSDP yet. I can't seem to get it to work with my pilight installation. Detection with the example python script doesn't work either (from my home server), so not sure if it is my code or my pilight installation. Either way, I'm still working on this.

I've uploaded this as beta version in the play store.
APK download link for the impatient Smile

  • 12. The protocol optional settings are respected yet:
  • implement screen device type
  • implement readonly devices

@curlymo I've updated the start post with know issues. As far as I know these are all open issues, or have you found others?

Could someone verify and confirm that arctech_screen works correctly? I can't test that one properly, because I don't have a screen. It also seems that the webinterface isn't properly updated, or I've done something wrong, not sure yet :S.

P.s. I've had to add a permission in preparation of SSDP.
AndPiLi developer

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