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My setup: XBMC event based lighting
Hi guys,

I just wanted to show you for what I am using pilight.

The components that are involved:

- Raspberry Pi
- The bad 433 MHz hardware mentioned in the pilight-wiki
- Intertechno IT-1500 sockets (self learning models)
- 2 normal lamps
- 2 Lighttubes
- 4 Striples of multi-color LEDs
- a HTPC running OpenElec

So when I press play in the XBMC my normal lights turn off and the 2 lighttubes laying under the couch + the color LED stripes behind the couch turn on. When I pause for a toilet break or getting some snacks only the smaller light turns on and turns off as I resume the movie. At the end on stop the tubes + LEDs turn off again and normale lights go both on.

I know this is very basic but as firs tlittle project I found it pretty entertaining. I also made a little demonstration video which I will upload later Smile

Here the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eSJn3z4LEbs

What I want to add next is that the script checks what lights were turned on before the movie started and then reverts back to this status and not just turns on a static amount.
I also tried to accomplish that, but could not get pilight-control to work under openelec (no make/gcc/other development tools available for that distro).

How did you do it?
Download the deb file from our apt repository: http://apt.pilight.org/pool/stable/main/..._armhf.deb
sudo dpkg -i pilight_2.0_armhf.deb
I have done some Python scripts in the openelec box that connect using the APIs as controller and send the json formatted command. I can post them tomorrow as I write from my mobile at the moment.
@curlymo : tried that, but no dpkg either. Openelec is designed for htpc use only

@r3bel : that would be very useful, thanks!
@r3bel, the video you made is really nice! Good work.

I working on a pilight website, so maybe you'd like to create more videos about the basic pilight functionality like sending / receiving / GUIs etc. It would also be great if you could make a pilight XBMC plugin that allows you to define events based on XBMC events and pilight devices from the config. Then i will give you your own repository on the pilight github.
Thanks for the positive feedback! I can try to do some better shots of the setup on the weekend (not so blured, etc.).

Regarding the XBMC plugin, I have some programming skills but it will take time for me to understand how XBMC plugins work, but basicly it sounds fun to do so. But I could not give any kind of deadline to it.

What would be the features that you need in it? The current "XBMC callbacks" plugin will execute scripts on events (play, stop, pause, unpause).

Oh, and I think I found an error this time for real, see the bugs section in some minutes. ;-)
I would like see something like this:

List of all devices in the config.json (except weather info of course).
For each device a user should be able to define what happens on a play, (un)pause or stop event.
I'm also starting to get pilight working. Current PI setup is running OpenElec. As i understand it is not possible to run pilight on it as well?

Any ideas on which XMBC distro i can use on my Pi for combination with pilight?
It's pilight not pilight.

As you can see in the example of r3bel it is possible, i just don't know how he has done it because i don't use OpenElec.

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