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pilight 2.1
Use this thread to discuss pilight 2.1

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Looks great!

But .. starting the daemon gives an error:

root@raspberrypi:~# pilight-daemon
[Dec 09 21:22:36:566806] pilight-daemon: ERROR: setting "mode" is invalid
root@raspberrypi:~# pilight-daemon -V
pilight-daemon version 2.1, commit a71c4a0

Have I missed something?
You are using a development version of pilight, not the stable version.

For development versions check the github commits for information.
Ok, I did. The README states:

Quote:Visit http://www.pilight.org or http://wiki.pilight.org for more information.

Am I supposed to read the comments in all the source files? Or just the diffs?

No, the commit messages.
curlymo Wrote:No, the commit messages.

Ok. I have used Git before but have not yet found them ... Will keep searching Angel

(after a while...)
Well, it is official now; I'm to stupid for this. Cannot find any clue on where to find a commit message that tells me (for instance) why I have to remove the "Mode" parameter from the settings.json file....

Totally up to you to use the development branch...
Pressed that link in Git and nothing happened...
Must have done something wrong! Thanks for the link. Now I know.


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