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Pushbutton in Webinterface (No toggling)
thx for the great work first.
I am using pilight with switch(toggle) and dimmer funcitonality from intertechno. Works great so far with the webinterface.
I also use an Intertechno ITL 1000 as a timer ( 2 sec. impulse ) to control my garage door.
I control it by sending "On - Signal" to start, stop and reverse moving.
So a pushbutton in the webinterface would be great for me, sending always "./send -u 0 -i 1234 -t ". No toggle functionality is needed for this.
Could this be possible ?
Second question:
Is ist possible to access the webinterface with https:// mode and access control ?
Want to be save when accessing from www.
Thx in advance,
1. So you want an additional protocol that acts like a "screen"? You can check if that suits your needs by defining an arctech_screen in the config. That already does things similar to your description.

2. No, however, you can set a whitelist. Check the wiki on how to do that.
I need a pushbutton too, for my scenes for example.
The problem is, pilight uses jquery mobile for its gui-elements, and there is no pushbutton in there by default.
However there is a element which comes close, the mini button with a zero-width-space (​& #8203;) as content.

I think this would require a new protocol, generic_pushbutton.
Then there is the issue on how this would need to function state-wise.
One possibility would be to add a state "pushed", which gets reset after all rules and actions are processed.

By the way, as a workaround you can use a generic_switch and have a rule switch it back to "off" after all actions are completed.
as workaround i made a program with a .sh script

"AllON": {
                        "protocol": [ "program" ],
                        "id": [{
                                "name": "AllON"
                        "program": "/bin/sh",
                        "arguments": "/script/pilight/ALLON.sh",
                        "stop-command": "/bin/sh /script/pilight/AllON.sh",
                        "start-command": "/bin/sh /script/pilight/AllON.sh",
                        "state": "stopped",
                        "pid": 0

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