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[Obsolete] Low-pass filter schematic (old version)
Those wanting to build the low-pass filter, check this wiki page: http://wiki.pilight.org/doku.php/electronics
Hi There,

Looks like I've something wrong in my setup. I connected the devices on a breadboard but I do not recieve something.

Guess the bigest thing that can be wrong is the LM358P. But I think I also connected this right:
Receiver out: pin 3
GND (bottom): pin 4
- side: pin 2
output to SN....: pin 1

I guess that is right.

Any other tips what can be wrong? I can't show the breadboard, it is a big wire mess Smile
Just connect a led between the different components and check if it blinks.
I've now connected the LM358P like on the schematic, I've connected the output to the led, and the led to the GND.

The led is on (not blinking)

When I disconnect the GND from the LM358P the led starts blinking and blinks faster when I press a button on a remote. I've to connect pin 4 of the LM358P directly to the ground right?
Here you have a pin layout of the LM358P:
[Image: LM358-pinout.jpg]
Pin 4 to ground is correct.

Please notice that when you attach the led directly to the receiver you get a really dim blinking led. When you have correctly connected the op-amp the led should be blinking really bright. That's the whole point of the op-amp. If that works, you can add the schmitt trigger.
Ok, looks like it works know. tested it new step by step with connecting wires.

It responses only very slow. I have to press the button on remote at least for 2 secs before it shows up in pilight.

Is rx module maybe still wrong? I've ordered it by the iprototype link you gave. I have http://www.wenshing.com.tw/Products/RF_M...er_Module/
Make sure you use the gpio hw-mode once you're using the low-pass filter. Check the github readme on how to do this.
having this in settings.json:

"hw-mode": "gpio",
"gpio-sender": 0,
"gpio-receiver": 1,

and I have not loaded the lirc modules.
Than is should be fairly instantanious. Please check your circuit once more.
I finally have al the components for the filter, however, am not sure if it's working correctly. For testing I put a LED on the GPIO output on the SN74, to GND. The LED does light up after sending a command and slowly fades away. Is this correct behaviour?

If so, I'll have to take a look at the software part..

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