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[Obsolete] Low-pass filter schematic (old version)
Don't know.
curlymo Wrote:Don't know.
Hm.. that raises the question: "What did you design about it"? Smile

Same question in other words: "What did you try to filter"?
I knew what i wanted and what components i could use. Then i just started experimenting until i found the right values. I tried to filter (massive) noise which i succeeded in.

I am curious what receiver you are using then?
I'm using the RX-4M50RR30SF (Aurel).
It has a low pass filter build in and is a shielded receiver.
Works like a charm for KaKu without any extra components but I don't receive any Impuls input so I thought "maybe something should be filtered anyway".
I have enough donations to buy these receivers however don't have Impuls myself. How did you connect these Aurels?
The RX-4M50RR30ST has 8 pins (on a 15 pin formfactor)

2 - GND
3 - Antenna
7 - GND
10 - Vcc (+5V)
11 - GND
13 - Test Point (not connected)
14 - Data Out (input schmittrigger) output to gpio RPi
15 - Vcc (+5V)

I use one of the Schmittriggers (Smt) to isolate the RPi gpio from the 5 Volt output of the receiver. The Smt ouput goes to the next Smt input and thát output is connected to the gpio. The Smt's are inverting the signal, so two in series gives back the original signal (High in = High out).
And the schmitt is connected to 3.3v i assume.
curlymo Wrote:And the schmitt is connected to 3.3v I assume.

Ah! Yes Big Grin
Can you put a pilight-raw output in the Impuls topic to see where it goes wrong with the Aurel receiver?
I've tested the Aurel but my experiences aren't that positive. This is what i wrote on the wiki:

Quote:+ Tested to work in at least 30m range (w/o antenna) @5v
+ Generates less noise due to some filtering
- Still needs a LPF
+ Shielded
- Massively expensive

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