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[Obsolete] Low-pass filter schematic (old version)
Yes, as long as the LED doesn't blink continuously but is:
- Off > blinks > stays on for a short while > turns off again
- On > blinks > stays off for a short while > turns on again
Because a video says it all...


As far as I see you're comment, this is not OK. No clue what's wrong however...

Never mind, this should be correct!

I just tried a send and receive in different windows, with the receive nicely processing the sent commands. Is it possible that the receive does not process Impuls actions?
At least it's filtering Wink Are you sure you have the voltages right? opamp 5v and schmitt 3.3v?
Just double checked, they are ok. I just tried with a KAKU remote, which led to a received command. However, it's not working all the time. I'll try to fix up an antenna on the receiver.
It doesn't look that bad. I don't own Elro so not sure how it should look. That the LED only turns on when you press a button looks like it should. You can also check with mode2 from lirc to see what raw signals are received. Also remove the LED once you are trying to actually use the whole thing because the led can interfere. Also make sure not only to connect the input / output pins of the schmitt trigger, but also the rest like in the schematic. Loose pins can interfere A LOT.

Regarding your edited post. Receiving impuls is not supported.
@ curlymo:

can you post a picture of your low-pass filter circuit?
No, doesn't make things any more clear than the first post schematic, because of the cable mess.
how do i know if i need to use the lpf?
i have pilight running now, but i don't see (yet) why i should use the lpf
Because it drastically reduces the resources drained by the noise of the receiver and thereby making the receiving much more reliable. Another reason is that the Impuls pulses are very similar to the noise pulses and thereby can't be distincted properly without LPF. Receiving Impuls will therefore only work with the LPF.

can you give (me) the cut-off frequency for this low-pass filter?

I'm using a different receiver and before I solder it all to a board I want to do some experimenting with a (passive) low-pass filter as it works great for KaKu without the LPf but I can't get any response from a Impuls remote..

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