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will plight work with 868 MHz transceiver?
I have radiocontrolled shutters with 868 MHz.
Receive an send RAW with the Raspberry will be enough for me.

pilight can also handle 868 MHz transmitters and Emfängern?
It's my goal to make pilight frequency independent and it should probably already work. So please try!
I'm already using 433MHz with pilight and it is great. Currently I'm looking for the right hardware to add 868MHz (I'd like to control the louvre and awning). I'd like to use both hardware on the same RPi.
Can you give me an advice for the right hardware (sender and receiver). Couldn't find anything in your shop. Thank you :-)

Already found this hint and hope it will work fine for me:
Nobody has yet gotten a 868Mhz receiver to work as we did with 433.92Mhz. pilight is built to be frequency independent so if you can built a hardware driver, we can add support for it.

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