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[Fully Supported] Kaku Door sensor (AMST-606)
I just bought the AMST-606 and experienced the same problems.
In pilight 3 it's working but in pilight 5 it isn't.
I switched to wo-rasp his version and that works, when is this going to be implemented in the master version?
Yes, wo-rasp is currently reviewing my merges of his improvements.

Saw you pushed to development.. I just switched to development and can confirm it works now.
Great Smile
Tested with:
pilight-daemon version 5.0, commit v5.0-38-g1a859cb
Works with the Test data.
On the WEB GUI the status is not reported as OPEN/CLOSED but ON/OFF
Hmm, can you maybe fix that with a nice pull request (in a separate branch and such) Wink
Should not be a Showstopper for the time being, as it affects the GUI presentation only.
I'm trying to add a HomeEasy magnet switch which is compatible with Homewizard.
The type is HE852-HW, almost the same as Elro HE852.
In other topics I read that the HE852 doesn't appear in the web gui and that is what happens to me Smile
Tis is how my device looks:
"contact": {
                        "protocol": [ "kaku_contact" ],
                        "id": [{
                                "id": 16003,
                                "unit": 1
                        "state": "closed"

and here is the gui part:
"contact": {
                        "name": "Contact",
                        "group": [ "Living" ],
                        "media": [ "web" ],
                        "readonly": 1

How can I get it visible?
Not, you can use it in your rules.
I'm having an issue with this sensor/protocol.
When the sensor is triggered the signal is successfully received by pilight.
But when I trigger a rule with it, the sent signals (from pilight) are not always (rarely) received by the lamp-receivers.
If I add a 3 second delay (with the timer protocol) the signals are received correctly.

My best bet is that the sensor is still sending out signals which interfere with pilights signals.
Are other people having this issue?

If yes, maybe there should be a default (configurable) delay in the protocol.

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