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The new website accidentally killed the tapatalkability. I miss it!
I noticed. Will fix it when I leave my mobile.
Just tested, thanks for the effort!

Taptalked u see .. əəs n pəʞlɐʇdɐʇ

I think, there's a new problem with tapatalk. The setting "jump to newests post" does not work properly on my phone/tablet. It only opens the thread and shows the first post.

Anyone else with this problem?
Same here, but never cared about it. Don't know if it's me or tapatalk Wink or just because I didn't read the thread from the beginning on in tapatalk...
Yes, I do confirm this issue. It is a little bit annoying because I usually use a sattelite connection wich is very (very very) slow so every page has to load for several minutes. Another issue is that in every quote my avatar is shown. Can this be a matter of using an old tapatalk plugin?

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