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Alecto WS-1000
I have a Alecto WS-1000 weatherstation, the cheapest version they have Smile
It comes with a simple inside-unit and a outside-unit.
The outside-unit sends its temperature over 433 Mhz.
Productpage: http://www.alecto.nl/producten/weerstati...ation-1000
Manual : http://www.alecto.nl/media/blfa_files/WS..._NL_FR.pdf

I have tried several times to capture the communication between the 2 units, but no luck.
The debugger just sits and wait, with no response at all.
I have tried starting the debugger at the moment the outside-unit gets a battery inserted. I have tried changing channels and resetting both units on the same moment, forcing them to pair (pairing works, but still no debug info).

To rule out anything : when I press one of my KaKu switched during debug I have immediately response.
So I have no issues with the pilight software or my 433Mhz hardware (ebay Superheterodyne RF set).
During all my test I was sittingwithin 1 meter range of the receiver.
I know the Alecto units are capable of communicating over longer distances.

Has anyone had any luck with these kind of remote sensors? What kind of special instrcutions can be followed to force sending and recognizing by pilight with these kind of hardware?
What does pilight-raw say? Any repeating patterns?

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