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[Fully Supported] Elro 400 Series
how do you mean?
i searched the git and a pulse length of 293 is never defined. did not try it though.


oh, sorry for your time, compiled it and found it works with elro_hc!

thanks anyway!
Can you post a link to the device you tried?

works great!

I also have HE8xx power switches and I get it working without "forking" pilight:

I was doing:
- set bundled remote control to HE6xx mode (see manual, I think it's 0010 dip switch)
- learning the power switches
- then check system and unit code by running pilight-receive
- configure in pilight

Note: the protocol is definitively HOMEEASY. I figured out the same behaiviour, sometimes pilight-receive/ pilight-debug told me to be a ELRO_HC and sometimes to be ELRO_HE - maybe it's a bug of pilight?


I'm trying to understand how we get from a raw-code to the system and unitcodes with the elro_hc protocol.
I really don't get, how one can get from
00000 01111 0 1
SystemCode: 31 (inversed)
UnitCode: 1 (inversed)
State: On (inverse state)
Check: On

in this example

Can someone please explain this to me? Is it due to the functions called in the elro_hc.c or to the pulselength?

Thx for help
You can check the tutorial on how to develop a protocol and that wiki page for all information.
Due to your questions, i have the idea you don't understand binary? Also, any particular reason why you want to know this?
If i got this right, the binary code is just an easier way to interprete the signals which are sent (high and low). My prblem is this particular part:
Quote:11111 10000 1 0
The SystemCode is defined as a binary number
The UnitCode is defined as a binary number
The State defines whether a devices needs to be turned On or Off
The Check defines whether a devices needs to be turned On or Off (but is inverse)
So this code represents:

SystemCode: 31
UnitCode: 1
State: On
Check: On (inverse state)

I can't follow the step from the binary code (11111 for the systemcode) to the translated code 31.

After reading hrough all this stuff I'm pretty confused and I think it may be easier to take an existing protocol (in this case the elro_hc) and use this as a draft for my mumbi switches (see other thread).

While looking at the code of elro_hc.c I did not get where you got all these numbers from (e.g. lines 79 to 105: The creation of the system/unit-code)

sry for my dumb questions, but this is really hard stuff for me Wink Maybe it's better to leave the protocol development for experienced people :/

best regards
Oh... i wasN#t that wrong it thought. Tried a differerent converter (which could translate in many different formats) but i only got rubbish out of the converter.

I had a look at the code again, but i haven't got the time to get all this stuff in my head Big Grin Need to write exams in few weeks, so i think i'll stop here for a few weeks.

but thanks for explanations and help Smile
According to the Wiki:
"living": {
                "name": "Living",
                "switch": {
                        "name": "Switch",
                        "protocol": [ "elro_hc" ],
            "id": [{
                "systemcode": 31,
                "unitcode": 1
                        "state": "on"

My control.json:
    "Woonkamer": {
        "RechtsDecoy": {
            "name": "RechtsDecoy",
            "protocol": [ "elro_hc" ],
            "id": [{
                "systemcode": 22,
                "unitcode": 31
            "state": "off"
When I start the pilight daemon I get the message:
pilight-daemon: ERROR: device #3 "RechtsDecoy" of "Woonkamer" , invalid protocol
pilight-daemon version 2.1, commit 2.1

If I use the development branch I get an error that hw-mode "gpio" is invalid.

It used to work ..

Did I miss someting?

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