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[Android] pilight android 4.1+ UPDATED 5/5/15
The app has been added to the fdroid repo.
Perfect, thanks. Now I just have to finish the 6.x update, hopefully soon Smile
Good morning everyone,
I have finally finished the upgrade to pilight 6.0. In the process I've ditched support for pilight 5, be warned.
This post can be considered a final test version, when I don't get any feedback by tomorrow evening I'll upload this apk to the play store and fdroid. Please download and test its functionality. Also, German translations are updated by myself, if any comment on it, please step forward!

The APK can be downloaded here on Google Drive

(04-29-2015, 08:23 AM)Zatta Wrote: Hi @koos147,
I was looking to a way to exclude the date time protocol from my app but.. then I realised I don't even support it directly (that is, I don't show device type 8 with a card anyway) and that it would be way more cleaner if you could change, in your config.json:
"datetime": {
            "name": "Tijd",
            "group": [ "Weer" ],
            "media": [ "all" ]
"datetime": {
            "name": "Tijd",
            "group": [ "Weer" ],
            "media": [ "web" ]
or, alternatively (untested) remove the whole "datetime" from the gui's.

i changed the media type to web
that was a easy fix and it works perfect


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