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[Android] pilight android 4.1+ UPDATED 5/5/15
(01-19-2014, 02:54 PM)meloen Wrote: Thanks for the reply, but the first suggestion still shows a red battery.

Ah, I see. I have to look at that part anyway. Going home next wednesday so you can expect an update coming weekend. Thanks.

Taptalked u see .. əəs n pəʞlɐʇdɐʇ
Update should be available on the play store within hours. Only fix included: battery not responding to

source: https://github.com/Berco/PilightTesting/...646958de63
I can not connect. I had set a different port because port 5000 and 5001 are used by Synology. As a test I run pilight on the original port again.

ip router:
ip android (Note 3 @ android 4.4.2)
Raspberry ip (: 5000/5001 and 6000/6001)
Hi Grolle,

What is your pilight version? 2.1 doesn't contain ssdp yet so you have to upgrade pilight to 3.0 or development branch directly from github.

Taptalked u see .. əəs n pəʞlɐʇdɐʇ
Ahh you where right, i was (am) on 2.1. i'll have to wait for the update
[Image: 4Nupsq6l.png]

New UI, okay?

(01-28-2014, 10:26 AM)grolle Wrote: Ahh you where right, i was (am) on 2.1. i'll have to wait for the update

Ehh, waiting is okay. If you are impatient, just clone development branch.
Now that pilight 3.0 is pushed to the stable branch (rightly it is!) it is time to upgrade my app as well. With a lot of thanks towards Meloen for testing and feedback I can present version 0.6:

Version 0.6:
•Upgrade for pilight version 3.0
•piTasker introduction -> Tasker actions plugin
•New layout: (GRID)
•Dutch Translations
•improved the connection.
•Additional settings.

Various bugfixes included, I expect the app to be available any minute on the play store, I've pushed it a couple of hours ago. New screenshots will come later.

As the usual, screenshots please, at least on a 10" tablet if possible. Mine is on a holiday Smile
Hey Zatta, I'm using your app since long time now. Very nice work. What was the reason for you to switch to the tile layout?
With this change the text overlaps in some areas. I know, that I should better use an 10" device, but I use the app mainly with my nexus 5.

See in the attached screenshot. [attachment=107

Btw: I can translate the app to German if you want. Where do I get information how to do this?

Best regards and keep up the good work on this app

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I wanted more devices on one screen, I use a sgs3 myself. I've changed some names in my config to make it look better but as you may have seen you can change back to a list layout in the settings.
For the overlapping, I chose a light gray text color behind the device name because it isn't really important as you have the location name in the actionbar anyway.

Oh, the main reason for using the grid actually was the reason I've started to develop this app: I looking for a new project where I could use Gabrielli Mariotti's library.

About the translations: would be nice, I'll sent you instructions later this week by pm. I don't have a huge userbase on this app though Smile

Taptalked u see .. əəs n pəʞlɐʇdɐʇ
Upcoming update (somewhere this night it will be on the play store):

Version 0.7:
•German Translations (IcedEarth, danke schön!)

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