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Project/Introduction thex
Hi everybody,
I'm just starting my homeautomation project and will try to report my progress here. I'm always interested in new ideas and suggestions.

Current Hardware:
6x 433MHz elro outlets
2x 433MHz elro remotes
2x Raspberry (not yet used)
433 MHz Receiver/Sender (ordered, will take some time Crying )
3x Relays directly attached to Raspberry (Door opener etc)
2x Digital inputs directly attached to Raspberry (Doorbell etc)

Planned additions:
- Temperature sensors
- Dimmer for wakeup
- Webinterface with rule editor
- Webcam

Other Interest:
- Range extension (Antennas/Filters)
- Communication of receivers/senders with Arduino/microcontroller
- Replacement of "simple" protocol with some more sophisticated one with encryption and error correction.

That is all for now but I guess I will have many ideas while realizing this project.

Now who am I?
I'm an electrical engineer (bachelor of electrotechnics and information technology) and a trained programmer, currently working in software development for an automotive supplier. I'm living in Germany

What can I do?
- write protocols/clients/plugins in various languages (including C/C++)
- design circuit boards
- basic understanding of HF technology (not using it often but still know some stuff from university)

I hope I find the time to contribute to this interesting project, sadly I'm quite busy with my day job.

Regards thex
Welcome! Hopefully you take some time to work on your (pilight) hobby Wink
When reading your resumé we could give you additional access to some of our hidden topics. There we discuss about core pilight and electronic stuff. However, because it experimental and advanced nature, we don't want to have regular users experiment with it to have a rain of questions fired at us. However, this promotions depends largely on your time you want to invest in this project.
Sure I would like to help out also in these areas although I have not written a kernel extension yet.
Can you see our hidden forum?
Yes, works.

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