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433/868/zwave transceiver RF905
I'm considering buying a NRF905 transceiver? Spending $8 on a 433+868+915 (Zwave) device looks quite good to me. Alternative might be the PTR8500, the NRF9E5 should have a built in LPF function according the data sheet.

The main difference with the superheterodyne seems to be the modulation mode (FSK/GMSK), but I'm not sure what the impact is. Can someone tell me what the exact impact is and if this device works with "basic" 433Mhz devices like kaku and impuls?
FSK = frequency shift keying but most cheap systems work with ASK = amplitude shift keying so it will not work with these devices. In general FSK is much better but the manufacturers use ASK because it is cheaper/simpler on the hardware side
Thanks, so the 433Mhz part is not interesting as a replacement for the superheterodyne sender/receiver. If I connect this, does it only need new protocols or also a new HW_Type?
Depends. If you are just going to connect a new 433 device, then you need nothing new. Just a new hardware plugin for pilight.

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