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eHome Switches
I tried a little bit more:

I think the first two numbers are the on and off signals:

283 849 -> ON
849 283 -> OFF

Then the binary code starts:

283 849 283 849 -> 1
849 283 283 849 -> 0

The last three parts are always the same:

283 283 9622

So i think this is the housecode. The housecode can be defined by three dip switches. 283 283 9622 must be OFF, OFF, OFF. I don't know how the 9622 is definded?? Replacing one 283 with 849 like 849 283 9622 doesn't work with ON OFF OFF.

The raw codes posted by ligi are a bit strange, because there a numbers like 284, 852, 282, 846 and so on, but if i replace them with 283 and 849 all units still work .

EDIT: Hmmm, the binary code is one number too long for my theory.

The last four raw codes

849 283 283 9622

don't fit :-(
Could you post the output of the plugs with the housecode (first 3 DIP) set to something like "ON OFF OFF" or "ON ON OFF" ?

I own 16 switches and can only use 4, because the code isn't decrypted yet :-/

This would help developing a plugin for these switches :-)

(04-14-2014, 07:59 PM)holybabel Wrote: Ok, found out that there must be a difference between units with other ids.

I have 5 units with S/N 050701 which work perfect and 3 units with S/N 050501 which aren't working at all with this codes.

mine are working with these codes! Except one..still need morge debug data, to figure out the protocol...
I've just added support for these switches. Can you guys test?
Hi curlymo,

i've updated to the new pilight version throught apt. Which protocol do i have to use now?

EDIT: Ok, i have to use the development branch. I will install and try.

EDIT2: I get an error message:

CMake Error at CMakeLists.txt:225 (if):
  if given arguments:

    "ON" "BOOL" "support for the eHome switch protocol" "MATCHES" "OFF"

  Unknown arguments specified

-- Configuring incomplete, errors occurred!
make: *** No rule to make target `install'.  Stop.

Greetings holybabel
Wow...ultra fast :-)

Development-branch is installing. I will try...

Ok, what arguments do i have to use?
First test the receiving then sending:
pilight-send -p ehome -i 1 -t
Hi curlymo,

i can't try the receiving, because i don't have a remote.

I will try the sending method.

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Hm, doesn't work for me.

I have dip 1-3 off and the switch doesn't turn on. Tried all four possibilities.
Then i do need some pilight-debug info.

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