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[Android] illumina, a pilight remote
[Image: control-dark_framed_screen_res.png]

illumina allows to you fully control your radio outlets, the brightness of your dimmable lights and opens and closes the screens of your windows. If there is a temperature or humidity sensor connected to your Pi or you've got a compatible weather-station, illumina will visualize those values. Furthermore the order of devices and the possible read-only state will be respected.

  • multiple designs
  • automatic connection with SSDP
  • distinguishes between places
  • switch radio outlets
  • control compatible dimmers
  • open and close screens
  • visualize contact sensors
  • visualize temperature and humidity
  • respects device ordering
  • reacts to changes made by other sources


Version > 1.3
Please read this page to get the latest version

Version 1.3
  • screen-control revised
  • contact-sensor support added
  • permission for reading the log removed
Version 1.2
  • support for pilight 3.0
  • automatic connection
Version 1.1
  • screen devices
  • weather devices
  • device ordering
  • device read-only state
What do you mean by "high performance pilight connection?"
(02-09-2014, 12:15 AM)curlymo Wrote: What do you mean by "high performance pilight connection?"

Yeah, this may be a bit senseless Wink
BTW: it would be nice if you could change the description, link and screenshot of illumina on the "Apps/Plugins"-page since the only feature not yet supported hasn't even been released.

Best regards,
Can you make a new version that runs with the latest socket library. Then i can test.
(02-11-2014, 09:16 PM)curlymo Wrote: Can you make a new version that runs with the latest socket library. Then i can test.

Do you mean the SSDP?
No, use the latest github dev code and you'll see.
Ok, you've changed something in the socket implementation. I made a new release: https://play.google.com/store/apps/detai...n.illumina
I've tested the latest version and i must say, i'm impressed.
One thing i didn't like was the permission to read my log files. Why is that?

One question. Can i use your weather icons?
The thing I read from the logs is debug output from my classes only to track down errors. But the removal of this permission is planned.

You can take a look into the licenses (under settings) to get the name of the icon-set I used.

Lastly, it would be nice if you change the illumina description and screenshot on your homepage.

Nice, you like it.

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