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[Android] illumina, a pilight remote
No, due to compatibility with small screens we left decimals out.
Ok. Make sense! Thx
is it possible to make an option for those who a have a large screen. to anaible or disable it in the options of illumina?
Yes, but not my priority so if you can do it yourself...

when i start the app with my intern or extern ip adres. it crashes....
is says that the log is being sent. is it possible that i have done something wrong?
What version?
hi all

still illumina keeps crashing...

it had worked for several hours but then it crashes again...
i have basic settings port 5000 web-gui 5001.
if i run daemon-D no strange is see no strange things....
my phone samsung s4 mini android 4.3

my app illumina is not working at all

i have basic port settings in settings.json
: port 5000
webserverport: 5001

when i start pilight -daemon -D
got this as result:

[Jul 22 11:15:04:974940] pilight-daemon: DEBUG: -- end parsed config file --
[Jul 22 11:15:04:975432] pilight-daemon: ERROR: cannot bind to socket port -2012020734, address already in use?

what does it mean and how can i solve this?

Is there a solution to this message found?
Have the same error
What message?

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