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[Android] illumina, a pilight remote
You could add stuf in the registry just to increase the file size and check at what point it starts to fail.
Removing chunks of rules until Illumina started working again and then re-adding single rules until it stopped working, I found out that the critical size of the config is around 30K.To be sure the config was "static" I disabled all rules.

Knowing this, from a size where Illumina was still working, I started adding dummy characters to a label action until it stopped working again.
That was when my config file size was over 30.759 bytes.

Via the API the size of the config is quite a bit smaller (20.300 bytes) because it has no whitespace and I guess the real issue is not with the file size, but with a config bigger than 20.300 via the API.

Of course I can use the web GUI on my Android devices as well, but hopefully this will help in finding a solution, so I can use Illumina again.

Just an idea that occurred to me.
The bigger the config the longer it takes to load. Instead of some sort of overflow, could there be an unhandled time out when the config is loaded by Illumina?
Maybe you could post this in the issue section of the illumina repo. There was a android developer that cleanup the code massively a few months ago. Maybe he can check what's going on?

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